Saturday, 21 February 2015

Set the Mood 3 Ways

Hi Everyone I hope you're in the mood for scrapping today.
I set up a simple exercise to show color can set the tone or mood to your layout. I made a sketch; a rather simple, uncomplicated design and used it with 3 different color schemes. All 3 started out with identical, basic layout. The only difference besides color is the placement of the final embellishments.

The Basic Layout

This first layout was done with a navy, aqua and gold color scheme. Lets call this the neutral color scheme. With the basic blue it could be considered masculine, but the gold floral paper could be considered feminine. It could go either way. I choose blue to portray  the sky and outdoors. Its rather relaxing.

Here is the same layout done grunge like. This is a photo of my son from a few years back; it fits him perfectly. Dark colors, worn edges and splatters of paint. The whole mood changes dramatically.

This last layout shifts to the other extreme. It is soft and feminine and the bright green is fresh and spring like, This was my daughter in nursing school and the little pink banner toward the bottom says "spread your wings".  

I have more on color mood  HERE

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