Monday, 4 August 2014

One sketch/several ways

Hello! Solange-Isbaha here. Today I wanted to share with you how I adapt sketches to fit my needs: I don't mind to use a cardsketch for a layout, a layout sketch for a card, or any of them for a mini album cover, a tag... anything!

Here is the sketch I drew (it started like a tag sketch in my mind):

Lastly, I kept seeing more and more beautiful projects with denim pockets, and I created a Pinterest board about it. This is what inspired my sketch!
But finally, none of my projects followed closely my own sketch...

So I had this mini album: I was stuck about how embellish the cover. So I decided to use a sketch.
I moved the lace along the striped bande. I also moved the doily (smaller) onto the pocket and I made the pocket straight, but for the other items, I kept them about the same than on the sketch.
The doily is embossed with white embossing powder.

Then I decided to make a card. The tip when using non cardsketch for cards id to drop out items, to not have a too busy card. 
This sketch wasn't really busy, but I couldn't make the doily fit on it, so I didn't use it. I still wanted something round to balance my sketch, so I used a button instead.
I also didn't use the tag, but I still wanted the ribbon, so I tied a ribbon onto my denim poket.
I added a frame, because I love frame, and because I wanted more colors and more patterns on my card, and I find that frames are usually an easier way to do that without overwhelming the project.
I gathered all my embellishments on the top of my pocket (inspired by my Pinterest board), and I used hearts instead of stars, but only because I wanted to use my favorite new stamps!
As the denim pocket was tilted, I felt that I needed to moved the sentiment on the right to restore the balance.

And here are two different projects inspired by the same sketch. I hope you enjoyed my tips and if you're inspired by my sketch, please, let me know.

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