Thursday, 28 August 2014

Homemade embellishments

Hello everybody!
Solange-Isbaha here. I'm back after a 3 weeks vacation and I'm excited to share with you some more handmade embellishment tutorials!
Don't forget that you can also check the "handmade embellishments" label on the side of the blog for more ideas.

These tutorials were originally made for a private group who wanted to learn more about how I made my embellishments on this post, but I didn't share them on my blog yet. 
Thanks a lot to Anne-Marie who proof-read all of these!


1. Stick a patterned paper circle inside a wooden button.

2. Embellish it with a tiny die cut shape or anything else small enough that you would like.

3. Generously cover with Glossy Accents.

4. Allow to dry.



1. Using clear embossing powder, heat emboss a stamped image.

2. Add watercolors (I used different colors side by side) and allow to dry. 

Tip: Sprinkle some water drops and dry with your heat gun for additional depth.

3. The heat embossed image will have resisted the watercolors.  You can gently wipe the embossing off to clean off any residual watercolor paint.  You could stop here--but--if you then layer a piece of tissue paper over the top and iron, you will melt the powder and the tissue paper will absorb it. This way, the stamped pattern won't be glossy--the look is different.



White embossing on patterned paper (or not):
Using white embossing powder to stamp an image on patterned paper gives depth and finish, making the outcome very similar to a sticker!

Bonus Tip :
No pinked edges die or punch ? Use a scalloped one twice, like in this link (this is what I did myself) :

Muticolored inking:

1) Use colored markers to color on stamps.  Brush and chisel tip work best for this.
2) While you color the entire stamp, the ink will probably dry.  Don't worry!
3) Huff on the stamp to reactivate the ink just before stamping.
4) Stamp on white cardstock and cut out.  Done!

Tip : No ink pens ? Try to use kids' markers, it usually works, but the colors will fade quicker.

Colored ink pens are wonderful with wood or cling "label" stamps (but not so great with clear stamps). They give lots of different looks with the same stamp, and you can use any color palette you want!
They also let you ink only the part of the stamp you want.

Multicolored inking pocket cards:

If you have a small border stamp like the woodgrain one below, you won't need ink pens, you will be able to use your ink pads, instead! 
1) Simply ink it in a different color each time you use it. 
2) Stamp close together to create a background. 

Additional link: this french blog has TONS of amazing tutorials for using stamps ! 



1) Die-cut or punch a small shape (here, I used keys).

2) Heat emboss the shape 2-3 times with metallic embossing powder.
Tip: To make my own metallic embossing powder, I used a mix of clear embossing powder with Pewter Perfect Pearl

Aditionnal link (thanks Scoobers for the link!):
Tip: Look at Jennifer's video above.  She starts by layering several die-cuts to get a thick chipboard-like shape, and then she heat embosses it with metallic powder. She also embosses the edges--brilliant!

Faux antiqued metal:

1) Follow steps above for Faux Metal.

2) While the embossing powder is still hot and liquid, spray some water and sprinkle some Perfect Pearl on it, and then heat it again. (I used Ancient Gold Perfect Pearl).

Another example with this technique : 

Tip: Mix clear embossing powder with Perfect Pearl powders (you don't need a lot) to make your own colors, and store them in empty embossing powder bottles.

Tip2 : To get empty embossing powder bottles, you may borrow my 2 years old baby (please note that you will need a vacuum cleaner).

I hope you enjoyed these ideas, thanks for reading!



  1. Love, love, love these ideas. Must try some soon.

  2. Wow, so many great ideas here!
    I love the look of that woodgrain stamped card... amazing. I would not have guessed it was handmade! The epoxy wood buttons are fantastic and I'm going to have to try them soon! Pinning!

  3. I love every idea here, great ways to use what you have on hand! I have a heat tool here just begging to get used, and I just recently heard about using tissue paper to lift off an embossed image and here you have it, so I don't even have to go looking for the tutorial!. I really love what you did with those stamped images, the wood grain one is so awesome!


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