Thursday, 1 January 2015

Frame It Up

Hello and Happy New Year!  Today I am sharing with you 3 ways to use up your chipboard, fabric or vellum frames.  Collections are now coming out with big packs of frames and many times it is hard to think of how to use them all up.  I love buying these packs of frames and using them to embellish my pages and cards and have found lots of ways to use them up.

The first idea is to draw attention to a picture by framing it, BUT keeping the frame larger than the picture.  This works great when you have a small picture and it is getting lost on a layout.  The frame will take up more space on the page and act as an embellishment and bring focus to the picture.

The second idea is to use a frame as a layering embellishment.  It does not really frame anything or bring anything in to focus, rather it is purely used to layer and embellish.  

The final idea is to create a grid with the fames and put photos or embellishments in the frames.  On this layout some embellishments went on top of the frames, while others went on the inside.    

A bonus idea is to use a frame on a card!

I hope some of these ideas have inspired you to get out some of those frames and put them to work.  Thank you so much for stoping by. I hope you have a beautiful new year filled with fun, love and of course lots of happy crafting!

Using foil frames from the paper collection. I fussy cut them out and layered on paper.  I also used a ceramic frame. 


  1. great idea for using up frames I may try the 2nd!

  2. Wow that is some cool ideas :) Thanks for the inspiration :)

  3. Beautiful Layouts Ladies!!! Just Lovely! :)

  4. Love these ideas, especially the grid! Beautiful work!!

  5. Those frames look wonderful, and that baby is just adorable!

  6. Love the layouts, terrific job!!!


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