Sunday, 25 January 2015

Using Overlays on Your Scrapbook layouts

I have a challenge of sorts for you.... attaching an overlay to your layout.  Transparencies are even worse than vellum as they are clear and there isn't usually a large area where you can hide your glue. So here are a just two ways that I have used them:

1. 12 x 12 overlay
This gorgeous Christmas overlay was just calling out to be used as a whole, so once I found the perfect photos my page was almost done.. now to figure out how to attach it.  I put my photos underneath the transparency but then used stickers and the tag on the top and placed my glue under those areas.  As there was a line of dots along the top and bottom of the transparency I used these to make holes and do some stitching through the transparency and attached it to the paper underneath... nice and secure.

2. Photo overlay

On this page I used one of those transparency photo overlays on my main photo... the one with the word CRAZY on it.  This overlay is like a pocket and already has double-sided tape on the bottom, so you just slip your photo inside and hey presto it looks fancy.  There are various overlays like this now available with Project Life kits too so they are super easy to use on a layout.

Hope that these ideas prompt you to pull out an overlay or two and use them on your page.

I have a page created recently that I used a transparency as a frame around the picture.

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