Friday, 6 June 2014

And the winners are Jean Orwig, Cheryl-Ann and Sscott87!

Do you remember? We told you that we would draw 3 winners among our followers for the first two DIGITAL issues of  Let's talk layout, a great scrapbooking magazine (you can take a look at the first pages for free HERE) !

Thanks so much to everybody who followed us... Here is how I did the drawing:
Bloglovin: 39 followers (numbers 1 to 39)
Facebook Page: 100 followers (numbers 40 to 139) (YOUHOU! 100 followers, that's great!)
Newsletter: 17 followers (numbers 140 to 156)
Pinterest board: 97 followers (numbers 157 to 253)

So I drew 3 numbers from 1 to 253:

And the winners are:
1. Jean Orwig (Bloglovin - number 19)
2. Cheryl-Ann (Facebook Page - number 101)
3. Sscott87 (Newsletter - number 148)

Congrats! Please, send me your email adress before next week with your first/last name and your country, and you will be given access to the first digital issues of Let's tak Layout!

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