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How do you store your scraps?

Today, I would like to share with you my scraps organisation. Well, "organisation" is a big word for what I actually do, but it works great for me. The simpler the easier, right?
I think that I use this system since I started to scrapbook 6 years ago, so I never had to do a big scraps-cleaning.

I store my patterned paper scraps by manufacturer (and if possible by collections, but I often put together several collections from the same manufacturer).
I use two cheap albums, and I labeled each pocket with the brand (using a tab punch). Honestly, I didn't really need to label them because I remember each paper's brand very easily... But it looks prettier!

And I store my cardstock scraps by... size. I know this is unusual, but this is what I felt the most natural.

I have 4 flat boxes: one for the tiny scraps, one for the small scraps, one for the medium scraps and one for the large scraps. I also have another box for the neutral scraps (except the large ones), as they are the ones I use the most.
When I need to make a card, I check the large box to see if I can find a card base.
When I need journaling strips, I check my neutral box.
When I want to die-cut something, I check my small box.
When I want to stamp a sentiment for a card, I check my tiny box.
When I want a mat for a photo, I check my medium box, and so on.

Of course, that means that then, I have to find the right color, but it works for me. It also helps me to use my smaller scraps more, and not only the bigger ones, because I usually don't use a large scrap if I only need a small one.

I use recycled boxes (probably chocolate boxes!) that I covered with paper and then with punched circles (great way to use your smaller scraps!).

And the most important: I cut all mys scraps with my trimmer, so that I have rectangles with clean edges, even the tiniest ones! When I was keeping my scraps like they were shaped, I often bent them accidentally or I damaged their edges, and I usually wasn't really inspired by them. Now, they look "cleaner", they are also easier to store, and I love to use them!

I also tried the 6 by 6 scraps storage (inspired by this great idea by Betsy Veldman), but it didn't work for me, as I usually struggle to use this size... So I donated all of them to a friend who started papercrafting: she was delighted and so I was!

To finish this post, I would say that the best way to store your scraps is probably to know how you think when you scrapbook: are you looking for color, for size, for pattern, for manufacturer, for theme (Christmas, Halloween...)?

But once our scraps are stored...  What could we do with them? I found the very best ideas about using your scraps on Melissa Stinson's blog, with her brilliant "Use your scraps" weeks.

I love this quote from her:
"It would seem that my best tip for using up big scraps would be to not think of them as scraps at all." (Melissa Stinson)
This is also how I see my scraps, and not only my bigger ones: they are really part of my stash and I use them all the time, because they are within reach.

And you, how do you store your scraps? Please, share your tips in the comments below!
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And now, help me to welcome our first guest contributor: Janet-CherryPicker! Janet as always the most wonderful ideas, and I'm so glad that she accepted to share this one on Scrap Your Scraps blog!

Here is a GREAT way to organize/repurpose scraps and also a great way to corral/see/use
all those PL/SS/FP pocket-page cards.

So, today I did just that. I got out some scraps and made mini-books.
Not only did it help clean out my scrap bin, but I now have lots of scraps easily accessible when I just need a bit of paper.
Following the video instructions (and make sure you do use binder clips), here are my finished 'pads' and some little tips that helped me.

I cut my scraps into 3 sizes: 2.5 inches wide, 3 inches wide and 4 inches wide.
I used smaller-ish scraps. Anything that was 12 inches long I left in my scrap bin.
I sorted all my white and cream scraps separate since that is what I go-to most when using scraps.
I used duct tape for my 'books'. It is strong and it is something we all have.

When duct tape is on, use a bone folder to help really secure the pads to the tape
by 'burnishing' the pad edge with bond folder. Do this a few times. It helps grab all the papers into the seam.

After I had all the duct tape on, I wanted to cover it up with something a little more attractive since these books will live on my desk/shelf.
Tip: Don't use washi- it will NOT hold. But it was worth a try, right? LOL.

I just used patterned paper that matches my room decor. Cut to same width as paper.
Position paper to seam and fold to create creases. This helps when gluing.

I adhered paper end using Scotch Quick Dry glue. You will want to use a liquid adhesive in case you need to adjust paper to seam. Be sure to have enough adhesive in the creased end area and very tips to get a tight fit. Use bone folder to really get a tight fit and sharp creases. Wipe away any excess glue.

Super easy. Here are my white and cream scrap 'books'.

Tip: Don't worry about color families and such. Just pay attention to width and when I gathered papers, I used the waterfall method-sorting from the shortest to the longest. I even left on the branding strip on some scraps in order to get the width I needed.

See how pretty and organized they look!


Now, you know I couldn't stop there- we never do, right?
So I did the same thing but organized my Simple Stories Snap card sets.
They are much easier (and more fun) to use when in a book form.

I used the packaging for the FRONT and the BACK of these books because you need to made a cover and back because the duct tape will 'ruin' your top and bottom cards. So if you are doing these for your journaling cards, use packaging or other scraps as your cover and back.
I used the packaging so I could see at a glance what was inside.

I did the 4x6 and the 3x4 size cards.

I REALLY like how these turned out. So easy to do and they are definitely more organized.

   Guest contributor for SCRAP YOUR SCRAPS 


  1. These are great ideas Solange!

  2. Awesome organizing ideas! I really love the little books. Thanks for sharing.

  3. These are great ideas from both Solange and Janet. I actually used Janet's technique last year at Christmas to make small notebooks for family members using scraps. Little did I realize that I could do the same thing but use the pads as my scrap storage! These scrap pads would be so easy to take with me when I want to scrap on the go. Love, love, love this idea and I'm going to do it...soon :-)

  4. Oh my goodness Solange and Janet! These are marvelous ideas!!


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