Thursday, 1 May 2014

Faux leather

I love this technique! It's so versatile.

scrapbooking homemade embellishments

1. First, you need to ink your stamp (Stazon works great, but honestly, I use my Versafine Sepia because I like the color better.  Use what you like, just be careful and let it dry).

scrapbooking homemade embellishments tutorial

2. Then use your heat gun to heat a piece of craft foam until the corners start to bend slightly, then heat the other side. I prefer to do it near an open window, in case of fumes (I didn't notice more than with embossing powder).

3. When the corners start to bend again, immediately stamp your image into the craft foam and wait a few seconds before removing the stamp.

4. Allow to cool and dry before fussy cutting the image out.

You can use any color of craft foam, but a light brown will give you a "true" faux leather look (especially when used with brown ink).

Here with grey craft foam :

scrapbooking homemade embellishments

Tip: You can use either clear or wood stamps (the teddy bear above is made with a clear stamp while the hearts are made with a wood stamp). 

Don't forget your sentiment stamps! They look beautiful, as well.  

scrapbooking homemade embellishments

Tip: It's easiest to use a stamp that you will be able to cut out using a shape die (e.g., a circle), because it can be tricky to cut fancy edges with a clean look (but it's possible: I did it with the teddy bear and the hearts, above).

Tip: All craft foam sheets aren't of the same quality.  Some seem to be better for this letterpress look than others. The most important thing to do is to stamp immediately after you heat the foam, which is why you need to have your stamp inked, first.


  1. Amazing technique and tutorial! Seriously so many great ideas here! :)

  2. How awesome Solange! Love the look it produces and I have printed out this technique to try at my next crop with my ladies! TFS xx

  3. Kewl idea...Definitely going to have to give this a try...

  4. lovely idea i am going to try

  5. Great idea! Thank you for sharing it! I don't have at home light brown craft foam, but I'll use the colours I have by now.


    P.S. That's so strange finding a girl who has my same name (the comment above me)! It is an uncommon name.

    1. Thank you! It works well with colored foam too, but you might pick a matching ink color?
      Mariangel is a beautiful name! You're a lucky one. ;)


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