Thursday, 15 May 2014

Inspiration jar

Sometimes, there are techniques I want to try but I forget. Or I have stuff I have but never think to use. Or it looks like I'm always making the same projects, using the same stuff...
That's why I was thrilled when I discovered this wonderful idea on Kaleidoscope's blog: the inspiration jar!

Kaleidoscope's blog is packed with brilliant ideas, like how to make solid foam stamps with your cuttlebug, or how to punch notches for envelope making.
But today, I want to share with you her inspiration jar. She even made a list of ideas to try, ready to print (link on her blog)!
You can use it like it is, or choose what you want to keep, add your own ideas...
As for me, I decided that I will continue to add small ideas when browsing Pinterest: I always think "Oh, I want to try that!" and of course... I never do. Sounds familiar?

I wrote my ideas on strips and I rolled them up. Some ideas are written several times. When I will have used an idea, I will throw it. That way, I hope that I finally will try ALL my ideas at least once! Optimistic, isn't it?

scrapbooking inspiration jar

Kaleidoscope embellished a recycled box, but I didn't have any, so I decided to make my own. Here is how I did:

1. Cut an acetate sheet with the size 3-3/4' * 11' and stick the edges with tape.
2. Draw a circle with a diameter of 3-1/2' and another circle onto it with a diameter of 4-1/2' (see the picture below).
3. Cut along the larger circle and then, cut notches all over the edge.
4. Fold down the notches and stick them onto the box : it will be the bottom. Cover it with another paper strip (see picture below).

scrapbooking box tutorial

To make the lid, you will do the same, except that it needs to be slightly larger (this is important !) so as you can open and close it easily, but not too larger or it won't hold ! Add about 1/8' to the diameter of the inner circle. My larger circle's size is about 5'.
This time, it's more difficult to stick the lid, as you can't stick it directly onto the box. I put my adhesive on the outside of the lid and covered it again with a strip.
Now, it's time to embellish ! I chose to add a decorative strip on the middle with a label to hide my tape.

scrapbooking box tutorial

I am so excited to use it for my next project! Don't forget to take a look at Kaleidoscope's blog, there are so many great ideas!

Do you have any tip for inspiration, or maybe a blog post about your own process? Please, share it in the comments, and I will be happy to edit this post with your links! The more ideas, the merrier.



  1. Super idee ! J'aime bien celle des tampons. J'en ai une pour toi : comment faire des fibres quand on n'en n'a pas... On coupe en deux un bout de ruban et on tire les fibres de la trame ! Parfait pour utiliser les petits bouts qui restent... Je ne l'ai pas encre poste, mais je le fais dans les jours qui viennent...

  2. So pretty and such a wonderful idea!

  3. Oh this is a great idea, I'm going to have to do this somehow, I have the same problem pinning things and never getting around to all my ideas! x

  4. That really turned out great...WTG...

  5. I think I just might have to make one of these for myself!


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