Thursday, 1 May 2014

Stitched hearts

I love these stitched hearts, and they're so easy to do!

scrapbooking homemade embellishments

Print stitched hearts :

scrapbooking homemade embellishments tutorial

1. Stamp a print pattern.
(OR print a music pattern OR use an old book's sheet OR use a print or music patterned paper).

2. Die cut or punch three hearts.
You can cut more if you prefer.
(OR cut butterflies, they also work great for this).

3. Layer them onto a foam pad and make holes with a pin and sew them by hand.
OR use a sewing machine (like I usually do, but I wanted to show that it's also possible without a sewing machine).

4. Stick a small bit of washi tape on the back to hold the thread.

Vellum stitched hearts :

scrapbooking homemade embellishments

1. Die-cut or punch a circle and a scalloped circle and glue them together.

2. Die-cut or punch 2 hearts (OR butterflies) in a vellum paper.
Tip for punching vellum : layer a thin paper scrap (print paper works great), vellum, another thin paper scrap and punch the three layers.

3. Layer the vellum hearts, slightly shifted, onto the circles and make holes with a pin.
Sew them together OR use a sewing machine.

scrapbooking homemade embellishments tutorial

1 comment:

  1. Another great idea...I bet you could use this idea in lots of different ways...Doing this with a butterfly punch comes to my mind...


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