Thursday, 1 May 2014

Paper bows

Do you love the recent trend about paper bows? You can make your owns!

Paper bow:

scrapbooking homemade embellishments

1. Draw the bow patterns freehand or print it with the size you want.
If you draw it free hand, fold in the center and make both sides symmetrical.
If you prefer to print it, you can download a free template here :

2. Cut out the three pieces of the bow and erase the lines that you drew (if any).

3. Round the bow with something like a pen (don't fold it) and adhere the ends to the center. Then, add the other pieces and stick everything together, as shown in the pictures.

scrapbooking homemade embellishments

Origami bow:

scrapbooking homemade embellishments

For the origami bow, follow the instructions at this link (with a video) :

 Tip: Thin paper works best (I used vellum, but it's not the easiest to work with).

Additional links and tutorials about paper bows :

A paper bow made with the WRMK envelope punch board (video)

A paper bow made with an oval die or stamp  (Thanks for the link, Rochelle!)

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