Thursday, 1 May 2014

Flowers - Tea bag folding

Tea bag folding is an old technique, but I think that some of the patterns are fun!

Here are my two favorite techniques :

Tea bag folding with a pinewheel look :

scrapbooking homemade embellishments

1. First, cut 8 squares (for example with the size 1-1/4").

2. Fold them by the middle like on the pictures (firstly fold in triangles on one side, then fold in rectangles on the other side, does it make sense ?)

3. Fold like on the picture. If you already have your creases on the right side, it will fold itself very easily !

4. Fold up the tiny bit like on the picture and repeat for the 8 squares.

5. Put all the squares together the ones into the others like on the picture and hold them with glue.

6. Embellish with a paper circle and a big brad.

scrapbooking homemade embellishment tutorial

Tea bag foldind with a flower look :

scrapbooking homemade embellishments

For this one, I used patterned vellum (although thin paper works the best, vellum isn't the easiest, but I love the look) and I followed this tutorial :

 And here are two of my projects with these tea bag folding techniques :

mini album with homemade tea bag folding flower

Additional links :

Please, feel free to share your links and I will be happy to add them!

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  1. I just found an old teabag folding book and made a snowflake! Can't believe you are doing it, too!


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