Sunday, 25 May 2014

Coming soon... And a giveaway!

Hello everybody!

The creative team was so busy these last weeks to bring you wonderful inspiration for using your stash... The first post is scheduled for the first of June, and there will have a new post every three days. Stay tuned !

June Scrap Your Scraps teaser

On the last day of May, we'll draw 3 winners among our followers for the first two DIGITAL issues of  Let's talk layout.  If you don't know this great scrapbooking magazine, you can take a look at the first pages for free HERE.
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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Inspiration jar

Sometimes, there are techniques I want to try but I forget. Or I have stuff I have but never think to use. Or it looks like I'm always making the same projects, using the same stuff...
That's why I was thrilled when I discovered this wonderful idea on Kaleidoscope's blog: the inspiration jar!

Kaleidoscope's blog is packed with brilliant ideas, like how to make solid foam stamps with your cuttlebug, or how to punch notches for envelope making.
But today, I want to share with you her inspiration jar. She even made a list of ideas to try, ready to print (link on her blog)!
You can use it like it is, or choose what you want to keep, add your own ideas...
As for me, I decided that I will continue to add small ideas when browsing Pinterest: I always think "Oh, I want to try that!" and of course... I never do. Sounds familiar?

I wrote my ideas on strips and I rolled them up. Some ideas are written several times. When I will have used an idea, I will throw it. That way, I hope that I finally will try ALL my ideas at least once! Optimistic, isn't it?

scrapbooking inspiration jar

Kaleidoscope embellished a recycled box, but I didn't have any, so I decided to make my own. Here is how I did:

1. Cut an acetate sheet with the size 3-3/4' * 11' and stick the edges with tape.
2. Draw a circle with a diameter of 3-1/2' and another circle onto it with a diameter of 4-1/2' (see the picture below).
3. Cut along the larger circle and then, cut notches all over the edge.
4. Fold down the notches and stick them onto the box : it will be the bottom. Cover it with another paper strip (see picture below).

scrapbooking box tutorial

To make the lid, you will do the same, except that it needs to be slightly larger (this is important !) so as you can open and close it easily, but not too larger or it won't hold ! Add about 1/8' to the diameter of the inner circle. My larger circle's size is about 5'.
This time, it's more difficult to stick the lid, as you can't stick it directly onto the box. I put my adhesive on the outside of the lid and covered it again with a strip.
Now, it's time to embellish ! I chose to add a decorative strip on the middle with a label to hide my tape.

scrapbooking box tutorial

I am so excited to use it for my next project! Don't forget to take a look at Kaleidoscope's blog, there are so many great ideas!

Do you have any tip for inspiration, or maybe a blog post about your own process? Please, share it in the comments, and I will be happy to edit this post with your links! The more ideas, the merrier.


Friday, 9 May 2014

Welcome to the new Creative Team !

I am so excited to finally introduce you to the new Scrap Your Scraps contributors for the next 6 monthes !
If you want to learn more about them, take a look at their introductions here.

I hope that our new Creative Team will inspire you! They are working hard to bring you fabulous ideas in June, so don't forget to come back.

Thank you to everybody who applied for Scrap Your Scraps Creative Team! I received lots of great applications and picking the new contributors wasn't easy. 
I tried to have a nice mix of scrapbooking styles, and if I didn't pick you, it doesn't mean anything negative about your work: maybe I already had somebody with a similar style and I was looking for something different.
Please, feel free to apply again this fall!

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Faux leather

I love this technique! It's so versatile.

scrapbooking homemade embellishments

1. First, you need to ink your stamp (Stazon works great, but honestly, I use my Versafine Sepia because I like the color better.  Use what you like, just be careful and let it dry).

scrapbooking homemade embellishments tutorial

2. Then use your heat gun to heat a piece of craft foam until the corners start to bend slightly, then heat the other side. I prefer to do it near an open window, in case of fumes (I didn't notice more than with embossing powder).

3. When the corners start to bend again, immediately stamp your image into the craft foam and wait a few seconds before removing the stamp.

4. Allow to cool and dry before fussy cutting the image out.

You can use any color of craft foam, but a light brown will give you a "true" faux leather look (especially when used with brown ink).

Here with grey craft foam :

scrapbooking homemade embellishments

Tip: You can use either clear or wood stamps (the teddy bear above is made with a clear stamp while the hearts are made with a wood stamp). 

Don't forget your sentiment stamps! They look beautiful, as well.  

scrapbooking homemade embellishments

Tip: It's easiest to use a stamp that you will be able to cut out using a shape die (e.g., a circle), because it can be tricky to cut fancy edges with a clean look (but it's possible: I did it with the teddy bear and the hearts, above).

Tip: All craft foam sheets aren't of the same quality.  Some seem to be better for this letterpress look than others. The most important thing to do is to stamp immediately after you heat the foam, which is why you need to have your stamp inked, first.

Stitched hearts

I love these stitched hearts, and they're so easy to do!

scrapbooking homemade embellishments

Print stitched hearts :

scrapbooking homemade embellishments tutorial

1. Stamp a print pattern.
(OR print a music pattern OR use an old book's sheet OR use a print or music patterned paper).

2. Die cut or punch three hearts.
You can cut more if you prefer.
(OR cut butterflies, they also work great for this).

3. Layer them onto a foam pad and make holes with a pin and sew them by hand.
OR use a sewing machine (like I usually do, but I wanted to show that it's also possible without a sewing machine).

4. Stick a small bit of washi tape on the back to hold the thread.

Vellum stitched hearts :

scrapbooking homemade embellishments

1. Die-cut or punch a circle and a scalloped circle and glue them together.

2. Die-cut or punch 2 hearts (OR butterflies) in a vellum paper.
Tip for punching vellum : layer a thin paper scrap (print paper works great), vellum, another thin paper scrap and punch the three layers.

3. Layer the vellum hearts, slightly shifted, onto the circles and make holes with a pin.
Sew them together OR use a sewing machine.

scrapbooking homemade embellishments tutorial

Flowers - Yoyo (fabric)

This fabric flower doesn't need great sewing skill!

scrapbooking homemade embellishments

1) Cut a fabric scrap freehand or with a circle die.
Tip : if you want to cut it freehand, first fold it in eight and then cut a rounded corner along the outside.

2) Stitch a running stitch all around the edge.

3) Pull the thread tightly.  It will cinch in the circle to make a "bag."

4) Tie a knot to secure the stitching.

5) Flatten the "bag" and sew a button in the center to make the flower.
scrapbooking homemade embellishments tutorial

Tip: The more perfect your fabric circle (with a die or freehand), the more "perfect" your finished flower.

scrapbooking homemade embellishments tutorial

Flowers - Tea bag folding

Tea bag folding is an old technique, but I think that some of the patterns are fun!

Here are my two favorite techniques :

Tea bag folding with a pinewheel look :

scrapbooking homemade embellishments

1. First, cut 8 squares (for example with the size 1-1/4").

2. Fold them by the middle like on the pictures (firstly fold in triangles on one side, then fold in rectangles on the other side, does it make sense ?)

3. Fold like on the picture. If you already have your creases on the right side, it will fold itself very easily !

4. Fold up the tiny bit like on the picture and repeat for the 8 squares.

5. Put all the squares together the ones into the others like on the picture and hold them with glue.

6. Embellish with a paper circle and a big brad.

scrapbooking homemade embellishment tutorial

Tea bag foldind with a flower look :

scrapbooking homemade embellishments

For this one, I used patterned vellum (although thin paper works the best, vellum isn't the easiest, but I love the look) and I followed this tutorial :

 And here are two of my projects with these tea bag folding techniques :

mini album with homemade tea bag folding flower

Additional links :

Please, feel free to share your links and I will be happy to add them!

Paper bows

Do you love the recent trend about paper bows? You can make your owns!

Paper bow:

scrapbooking homemade embellishments

1. Draw the bow patterns freehand or print it with the size you want.
If you draw it free hand, fold in the center and make both sides symmetrical.
If you prefer to print it, you can download a free template here :

2. Cut out the three pieces of the bow and erase the lines that you drew (if any).

3. Round the bow with something like a pen (don't fold it) and adhere the ends to the center. Then, add the other pieces and stick everything together, as shown in the pictures.

scrapbooking homemade embellishments

Origami bow:

scrapbooking homemade embellishments

For the origami bow, follow the instructions at this link (with a video) :

 Tip: Thin paper works best (I used vellum, but it's not the easiest to work with).

Additional links and tutorials about paper bows :

A paper bow made with the WRMK envelope punch board (video)

A paper bow made with an oval die or stamp  (Thanks for the link, Rochelle!)

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