Thursday, 5 March 2015

Shape Up! Using Shaped Photos on Your Layout.

Hey everyone it's Cathy here with another post for Scrap Your Scraps!  This month I'm taking a break from my prompt series to bring you something different that has inspired me this month.  Back when I started scrapbooking I remember seeing lots of layouts using circular photos or shaped photos.  It was somewhat popular, but over the years I saw less and less, and more and more it seemed liked it looked a little to cheesy.  Well recently I've seen a resurgence in cut out photos, and in lots of fun new shapes.  Circles are still there, but now there seems to be a lot more diamond and triangle photos taking a spotlight.  For my layout I was inspired by a project at Stephanie Makes.  I decided to try my hand at using shaped photographs.  For my layout I have to say that the hardest part was picking photos and getting them cropped just right.  After I had them printed it was smooth sailing!

I went with the same simple grid design as my inspired layout since it would be the easiest way to line up all the photos and showcase some pretty papers.  I used some watercolours first to do a light colour wash in the background first.  I laid out my design and played around with my photos and paper until I liked my design.  Although I was using a grid design I didn't really bother with measuring and making sure everything was perfect.  I love the way this turned out and am eager to try some other shaped photos.

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